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How to Manage Your Time at Work Using Microsoft 365 and Motion

In today's fast-paced work environment, managing your time effectively is crucial for both productivity and well-being. Whether you are part of a large organization or a small startup, having a solid strategy for managing your tasks can make a significant difference. In this blog post, we'll explore how to utilize Microsoft 365, particularly Outlook and Microsoft To-Do, to enhance your time management. We'll also introduce Motion, an app designed to automate and optimize your schedule, making it a great tool for individuals and small teams.

The Foundation: Microsoft 365

1. Using Outlook for Calendar Management

The cornerstone of effective time management is not about managing time itself, but about managing what you do within that time. Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool to help you organize your schedule:

  • Block Out Non-Negotiable Time: Start by blocking out time for non-negotiable activities. For instance, set a recurring meeting to mark the end of your workday, ensuring no meetings are scheduled beyond this time. This could be labeled as "Finish Work" or "Pick Up Kids"—whatever fits your lifestyle.

  • Schedule Time for Emails: Allocate specific times in your calendar for processing emails. This prevents your inbox from becoming overwhelming and ensures you can convert important emails into actionable tasks.

2. Integrating Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a task management tool that integrates seamlessly with Outlook:

  • Convert Emails into Tasks: Drag emails into Microsoft To-Do to create linked tasks. This keeps your to-do list organized and ensures that important emails are addressed.

  • Organize Tasks with Categories and Deadlines: Use Microsoft To-Do to categorize tasks, set deadlines, and create subtasks. This helps in breaking down larger projects into manageable steps.

Advanced Scheduling with Viva Insights

Viva Insights, another feature within Microsoft 365, helps you schedule focused work time and manage meetings more effectively:

  • Book Focus Time: Use Viva Insights to block out dedicated focus time in your calendar. This helps you concentrate on important tasks without interruptions.

  • Automate Meeting Preparation: Viva Insights can also allocate time before and after meetings for preparation and follow-up, ensuring you're well-prepared and organized.

Introducing Motion: Automate Your Scheduling

For individuals and smaller teams, Motion offers an innovative approach to time management:

1. Automatic Task Scheduling

Motion automates the process of scheduling tasks around your fixed commitments:

  • Input and Prioritize Tasks: Enter all your tasks into Motion, specifying their duration, priority, and deadlines. Motion then automatically schedules these tasks into your calendar, adjusting around your meetings and other commitments.

  • Dynamic Rescheduling: If a meeting is added or your schedule changes, Motion dynamically adjusts your tasks, ensuring everything fits within your available time.

2. Integration and Flexibility

Motion integrates with your existing calendar, including Outlook:

  • Sync with Outlook: Motion syncs with your Outlook calendar, allowing for seamless integration. If someone schedules a meeting, Motion adjusts your tasks accordingly.

  • Team Collaboration: Motion also supports team collaboration, enabling you to assign tasks to team members and see their schedules. This ensures that team projects are coordinated efficiently.

Making the Most of Your Tools

While Microsoft 365 provides robust tools for time management, integrating an app like Motion can further streamline your workflow:

  • Combine Tools for Maximum Efficiency: Use Outlook and Microsoft To-Do for basic scheduling and task management. For more advanced needs, especially in dynamic work environments, Motion can automate and optimize your schedule.

  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and adjust your time management strategies. Tools like Viva Insights and Motion offer insights and automation that can help you stay on track and improve productivity.


Effective time management is essential for productivity and well-being. By leveraging the features of Microsoft 365 and incorporating innovative tools like Motion, you can take control of your schedule and ensure that you are focusing on what matters most. Whether you're managing a team or working independently, these tools provide the flexibility and automation needed to stay organized and efficient.

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