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We Are Holding  Free Training On Getting The Most From Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365

If Teams & Microsoft 365 Aren't Working For Your Organisation...


THE CRUCIAL STRATEGIES You MUST Know To Supercharge Your Employees Wellbeing and Productivity

Without these, you are risking burnout, increased recruitment costs and making peoples lives harder

In This Training...



Discover the exact strategy I have used to save hours per week per person in a Fortune 500 company


Learn how to structure your Teams so that everything else in Microsoft 365 becomes easier or unnecessary 


See the key change management principles to move your culture towards a modern way of working

About The Author


Hi I'm Gavin. It's great to meet you.

I am a qualified accountant and have had numerous finance jobs supporting sales, supply chain, pricing & revenue, brands, etc. I have also moved out of finance and had roles in logistics, demand planning, company-wide business process change, and also been on multi-year multi-million $ IT implementation projects.

Latterly, I have led the Teams and M365 strategy, implementation, and adoption at a Fortune 500 company to unlock the potential of our M365 subscription as it relates to modernising business process and increasing efficiency, engagement, and employee wellbeing (with experience of Teams, Forms, Planner, PowerBI, Stream, SharePoint, PowerAutomate, Yammer, OneNote, Sway, ToDo, Workplace Analytics, etc. as well as using PowerQuery & PowerPivot in Excel as pragmatic solutions to aid adoption).

I have been helping people on my YouTube channel since July 2019. This is designed to help people use specific aspects of Microsoft products, such as Teams and I started on my own in May this year with coaching, consulting, and accelerator programmes to help people with full organisational transformation using Microsoft365.


Gavin can get your team on the preverbal bus, in the right seats and on the fastest track to your destination.

Dan Noel, Corporate Operations Manager

My name is Dan Noel and I am the Corporate Operations Manager for Comco Pipe and Supply Company.  We are a Canadian distributor of carbon steel pipe, flanges, and fittings primarily servicing the oil and gas industry.

Although we would be considered to be quite a mature company, we found ourselves overwhelmed when it came to internal communication.  We have multiple departments with staff who are at a myriad of career levels located all over the country.  Time and time again, information was not making it to the correct place, on time, and accurately.  We lacked alignment and transparency.  This needed to change.  In tandem with our Information Systems Manager, it was decided that not only did we require a tool to help mitigate this key area of our business, but we also required a catalyst for this integration.  This is how we came to find our new business partner, Gavin.

Gavin’s professional background, practical approach, and overall positive demeanour, opened up our eyes when it came to the endless possibilities that Teams could have in store for us.  He showed us that O365 was meant to be used as one large bundle of efficiency and Teams would be the quarterback of it all.  By unlocking our predetermined conceptions of this software and demonstrating its benefits through smaller case studies and peer group interaction it forced me to drive change thinking outside of the box.  A boost we sorely needed.

I have been able to use Teams and Gavin’s tutelage to streamline our dated processes, increase the frequency and quality of communication from the Senior Manager level to the front line workers, and eliminate the guessing game of “who should I email or call, and when should I do so”.    I even learned a thing or two about Power Automate which opened my eyes to so many more opportunities for improvement surrounding efficiency.

If you work in a group, large or small, and feel that there is a barrier in the way that you share information, communicate, and execute tasks, Gavin can get your team on the preverbal bus, in the right seats and on the fastest track to your destination.

It has been an excellent investment and I would happily recommend it.

Kelvin Buchanan, Development Manager

My name is Kelvin and I am the Development Manager at Artichoke. We design and manufacture high-end Interiors. Part of my role is to look at internal processes and create efficiencies to make people's jobs more streamlined, satisfying, and productive.

We had started using Microsoft Teams quite organically, there was no introduction or training. This meant that it was a messy free-for-all that did little to improve our work practices.

I identified this issue and reached out to Gavin at MeeTime with the need to really understand how Microsoft Teams and SharePoint work and how to best utilise these applications at Artichoke.

The programme enabled me to confidently implement Microsoft Teams best practices and structures through the well thought out training material and weekly live calls. Breaking down the course into bite-sized chunks ensured that I was able to focus on building the right framework to enable my team to work collaboratively, out in the open, and, as a result, more efficiently.

Aside from the obvious and direct training material that related to Microsoft Teams, I gained a huge amount of tuition into change management. I would say that this has been more important than the ‘what Microsoft Teams does' part of the course. I feel that the greatest challenge of introducing new systems is to tackle most peoples ‘change-averse’ status quo. Accurately presenting the ‘how’ and ‘why’ we are implementing Microsoft teams was far more beneficial than explaining ‘what’ it is. This approach has really helped me tailor how my own ‘in house’ training content is delivered and presented.

Our employee's Microsoft Teams experience has greatly improved, and I gained an incredible amount of additional knowledge whilst on the programme that I can now apply to other projects. It has been an excellent investment and I would happily recommend it.

Thank you for enabling me to make such a meaningful and progressive change.

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The value of working with Gavin is that everything comes from real-life examples and more importantly how they can be best implemented.

Richard Hubbard, Head Of Operations

As Head of Operations for a smaller non-profit, my role covers a very wide range of activities, that includes IT and rolling out IT-based solutions for an organisation that is now 30 people.

So, when lockdown first hit – and almost overnight we went from office working as the norm to everyone working from home and doing very different types of work. The first thing we needed was video conferencing and the obvious solution was Teams. A few people had used it for the occasional ‘chat’, but not much else.

And then followed a textbook case study of how not to roll out a new piece of software. The saving grace was initially Gavin’s YouTube videos on how to use Teams and subsequently The Modern Workplace programme.

The value of working with Gavin is that everything comes from real-life examples and more importantly how they can be best implemented.

Gavin delivered a well thought out process and system, backed up with good research, to bring about the change needed to deliver a Modern Workplace, which goes much wider than just ‘how to get the best from Teams’.

The outcome – even for a small organisation it was good to recognise change is not going to happen at the same pace and equally for all members of staff, team or department. In some areas of the business there was clearly a marked benefit and improved outcomes as a result, in others even at quite senior levels the adoption has been much slower. But that is okay - the direction of travel has clearly been established and there will be no going back.

The tangible benefit of working with Gavin has been having the tools to apply in our situation and that has put us in a far stronger place to continue and embed ‘The Modern Workplace’ in our organisation.

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