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Exploring the New Microsoft Planner Preview: Is It a Game-Changer or a Work in Progress?

Are you ready to revolutionize your workflow with Microsoft's latest game-changer?

Join Gavin Jones, efficiency maestro at MeeTime, as he dives into the public preview of the new all-in-one planner in Microsoft Teams, and discover if it truly meets the high expectations.

From integration woes to feature rundowns, get the inside scoop on whether this tool can replace Asana,, and Trello for your business needs.

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Recently, Microsoft unveiled its highly anticipated new planner, promising to merge the functionalities of Microsoft Project on the web and Microsoft To-Do into a single platform within Microsoft Teams.

As the public preview of this new planner becomes available, the question arises: is it truly revolutionary, or does it leave much to be desired?

Unveiling the New Planner Preview

The debut of the public preview of the new planner has sparked intrigue among users, eager to explore its capabilities and enhancements.

However, initial impressions suggest a mixed bag of potential and drawbacks.

High Hopes and Early Hurdles

While expectations were high for the new planner, accessing the public preview proved to be a challenge for some users, especially those in larger organizations.

Despite this initial hurdle, anticipation remains for what the new planner could offer.

Assessing Functionality and Features

Upon delving into the new planner, users have encountered both promising functionalities and noticeable shortcomings.

From a revamped interface to improved task management, there are aspects to appreciate.

However, critical features like board view for tasks and seamless integration with Microsoft To-Do are notably absent.

Missing Pieces: Version Control and Task Management

One of the glaring omissions in the new planner is the lack of version control, a crucial feature for collaborative work environments.

Additionally, task management falls short, with limitations in sorting and organization options.

Integration Challenges with Microsoft To-Do

While the integration of Microsoft To-Do into the new planner was anticipated, its execution leaves much to be desired.

Users have encountered difficulties in syncing tasks between the two platforms, hindering seamless workflow management.

The Premium Conundrum

Another point of contention is the differentiation between premium and non-premium features.

Users find themselves grappling with limitations in functionality based on their subscription level, raising concerns about access and usability.

Looking Ahead

As Microsoft continues to refine the new planner based on user feedback and testing, there is optimism for future updates addressing current limitations.

However, it remains to be seen whether the new planner will fulfill its promise of revolutionizing task and project management within the Microsoft ecosystem.


The public preview of the new Microsoft planner offers a glimpse into its potential as a unified platform for task and project management.

While there are notable improvements and enhancements, there are also significant gaps that need to be addressed.

As users provide feedback and Microsoft iterates on the platform, the hope is that the new planner will evolve into a truly game-changing tool for organizations leveraging the Microsoft 365 suite.

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