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The Problem With Microsoft 365 Updates

The Problem With Microsoft 365 Updates. This was going to be a video on Microsoft Meet, but it's turned into the problem with how Microsoft updates its software - timing and trying to keep up to date with what Microsoft are doing.

  • I initially intended to discuss the new Microsoft app for meetings in Microsoft Teams but shifted focus to highlight issues with how Microsoft updates its software.

  • I work as a consultant helping clients navigate and adopt Microsoft technologies, advising them on what to use and when.

  • The frustration arises from the challenges in keeping up with Microsoft's updates, especially when some features are promising but not yet ready for use.

  • I encountered difficulties with the new "Meet" app in Microsoft Teams, particularly in trying to access it on both Mac and Windows platforms.

  • I criticize Microsoft for the lack of clarity in release schedules and the inconsistency in feature availability, highlighting the need for more transparent communication about updates.


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