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New Features in Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Build 2024 Edition

In the ever-evolving landscape of remote work and collaboration, Microsoft Teams continues to innovate and introduce new features that enhance productivity and user experience. At the recent Microsoft Build 2024 conference, several exciting updates were announced, catering to both developers and everyday users. Let's dive into the highlights and see what new capabilities are coming to Microsoft Teams.

Slash Commands and Code Blocks

One of the standout features announced is the introduction of slash commands in the compose box.

While slash commands were already available in the search box, bringing them to the compose box enhances the ease of accessing quick actions directly while typing messages.

This feature, along with co-editable code blocks using Loop, is particularly beneficial for developers who rely on quick keyboard shortcuts and collaborative coding.

Custom Emojis and Reactions

Customization in communication gets a boost with the ability to upload custom emojis and reactions.

This new feature allows teams to personalize their conversations, reflecting their unique culture and style.

Users can upload images to create custom emojis, which can be shared within their tenant.

Admins have control over permissions, deciding who can create, delete, or disable custom emojis.

This feature is set to enter public preview in June, adding a fun and personalized touch to team interactions.

AI Integration

Microsoft Teams is embracing AI in a big way.

One of the notable AI-driven features is the ability to create images directly from the Teams chat.

By typing "@designer" followed by a description of the envisioned image, users can generate and refine image suggestions collaboratively.

This feature, while primarily beneficial for design work, showcases the expanding role of AI in enhancing collaboration and creativity within Teams.

Meeting Enhancements

Several improvements are coming to the meeting experience in Teams.

Intelligent recap and co-pilot features are being refined to provide better summarization and transcription capabilities.

Intelligent recap, which offers detailed meeting summaries, will now support transcription-only meetings.

Co-pilot, which provides live and instant summarizations during meetings, continues to be a valuable tool for users needing immediate insights.

Additionally, the ability to schedule channel meetings is being enhanced.

Channel meetings keep all discussions and files in one place, maintaining context and making it easier for team members to follow along and benefit from AI-generated summaries.

Microsoft Places

Hybrid work is here to stay, and Microsoft Places is designed to support this new way of working.

This feature, which has been in development for some time, is now entering public preview.

At its core, Microsoft Places is a desk and room booking solution that goes beyond basic scheduling.

It includes features like floor plan uploads, presence awareness, and integration with the Microsoft Graph to show who is in the building and where they are located.

Users can see which coworkers are nearby, making it easier to plan impromptu in-person meetings or lunches.

The expanded presence features keep employee locations updated across different apps, promoting spontaneous collaboration.

This functionality is particularly valuable for organizations navigating the complexities of hybrid work environments.

Additional Updates

Other notable updates include the ability to share contact information within chats, the introduction of co-pilot features to mobile after meetings, and improved capabilities for managing meeting recordings in Microsoft Stream.

Integration with HubSpot for Teams webinars and new features for frontline workers, such as schedule imports and task inspections, were also announced.


Microsoft Teams continues to evolve, offering a robust set of tools that cater to the diverse needs of its users.

From developers to everyday professionals, these new features enhance productivity, streamline collaboration, and add a touch of personalization to team interactions.

As these updates roll out, Teams users can look forward to a more integrated and efficient collaboration experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to explore these new features as they become available.

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