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Microsoft Teams Essentials and Personal Productivity: How To Work Less And Get More Done

I am excited to announce that both of my courses, "Microsoft Teams Essentials" and "Personal Productivity: How To Work Less And Get More Done WIth Microsoft365" are now available on Udemy.

The good news:

✅ Udemy sets the prices, they are variable, and so you might be able to get a bargain

(this changes by country and by time, but at the moment Teams Essentials is only £14.99 🤪 (previously $297) and Personal Productivity is only £139.99 (previously $397))

✅ If you use a Udemy Business subscription, these courses are available along with all the other courses in your existing subscription

✅ You get all the same pre-recorded content as was available previously and text-based QnA

The downside:

❌ The only downside is that you miss out on weekly live calls and therefore the latest content

(if this is important to you, you can still get involved here)

📌 P.S. If you have any questions you can always use the chat option on the bottom right of our website, or if you want to find out your best next step together feel free to book a call whenever is good for you

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