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Ignite was meh... 😬 | Microsoft 365 New Features 2023 Ignite Special

So I've waited a week for my impressions on Microsoft Ignite and it was... underwhelming. Microsoft seemed to announce lots of stuff that they'd already announced and seems like they've renamed quite a lot of things... So let's dive into all the stuff from Microsoft Ignite

In this one:

  • Microsoft Ignite 2023 seemed underwhelming, mainly rehashing previously announced features and renaming existing ones, causing confusion among viewers.

  • The event had two keynotes that didn't introduce many new elements, with the first focusing on infrastructure and the second repeating previously shared information.

  • Co-pilot was a significant highlight, with Microsoft rebranding Bing Chat to Co-pilot. There's a free version for work accounts and a paid Microsoft 365 Co-pilot requiring additional licensing, still limited to Enterprise customers with 300 licenses minimum.

  • Co-pilot Studio allows users to create GPT models based on their data or integrate Microsoft Co-pilot into non-Microsoft ecosystems, showing its potential power and versatility but appearing somewhat complicated.

  • Confusion arose due to multiple Co-pilot versions: Microsoft 365 Co-pilot, role-specific Co-pilots for sales or service, and others, prompting questions about licensing, permissions, and accessing varied data sources like SAP and Excel within Co-pilot.

Please note that the full video contains detailed information about Microsoft Ignite 2023, primarily focusing on Co-pilot and related services, as well as concerns about overlaps, complexities, and uncertainties regarding data access and integration.

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